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Our work includes expert witness and expert adviser reports; we provide these reports in the field of property valuation, including for example matrimonial valuations and retrospective valuations. Occasionally we are asked to determine how defects to a property or its grounds have affected value.

We are familiar with Court Procedure 35 (CP35) and the requirements of the RICS Practice Statement & Guidance Note (amended) called 'Surveyors Acting As Expert Witnesses'. We provide our expert report services for courts & private individuals & also companies, including for example insurers and lenders.

Expert Adviser and Expert Witness Reports require a lot of research and often legwork; our founder is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has over 38 years experience in the property field and prepares these reports personally. We have to consider that the report could be or will form part of litigation and we could be cross examined by a lawyer in a tribunal or court setting. Research of relevant technical information, case law and legislation can form part of the provision of an expert report.

In addition to our own practical experience we do subscribe to property research tools which help with our investigations. Our membership of the Independent Surveyors & Valuers Association also provides access to members who can often provide useful research information. The information gathered is co-ordinated into a report suitable for use in potential litigation purposes.

We request that prospective clients or their representatives seeking a fee quote contact us providing a summary of the circumstances of the case and we can then provide confirmation as to whether we can act and in such cases we could provide details of our proposed fee.

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